ITALY – experience MASTER

PATH - Immersive bespoke experiential travel

“Body & Soul adventures” to redefine the journey across a land of contrast, to feed the body, delight the senses and nourish the soul. Journeys from matter to form, a trans-regional cammino, and ancestral fable of intimate and exclusive encounters. This is what travellers will get from the persons behind PATH, a niche experiential DMC and well-being-lab, based in Puglia, crafting bespoke trips to unveil Italy to its fullest extent, through its people, identity and pride.

Born and bred between Sicily, Veneto, and Puglia, they hiked the Etna at the age of two, tasted the first prosecco from the baby's bottle, raced the first mountain bike on the wildest streets of Napoli. Trusty and wild, they are the people on the ground delivering the magic, making sure travellers always are in the right place and with the right people. A collective of humans deeply rooted to the territory, offering in-house services, expertise, attention to details and desire to share. A dark kitchen of experiences, always searching for the perfect combination of flavours and interaction, discoveries and amusement, activities, wonder and relaxation.

At PATH there is not just one kind of journey and trips can change at any point. Trips will adapt to the traveller or force the traveller to adapt, for more self-discovery, and awareness, in a land where traditions collide with modernity.

Trips to indulge, or hunt feelings and emotions across nature, rediscovering the beauty of fatigue, following the need of doing nothing more than placing one foot after the other, tracing a new groove in the meditative space that nature provides to recharge and reconnect.