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Perfecta Travel - Journeys where reality meets magic

Perfecta Travel is a leading Destination Management Company in the Southeast European region, and they are passionate about providing the very best travel experience and bespoke service to clients. As the first choice DMC for Croatia and neighbouring countries, they bring unrivalled local knowledge, a network of trusted partners, and a commitment to creating seamless, unforgettable experience for every traveller.

Their well-trained and educated staff has a wealth of experience in satisfying a variety of customers’ demands to the highest standards. They pride themselves in having a developed sense of cultural sensitivity, which helps them accommodate most diverse requests while planning the perfect itinerary that fits the specific interests, preferences, and budget of every client.

The strength of Perfecta Travel combined with passion comes from analysing all the details that embody leisure and business travel - from the simplest to the most challenging needs. They offer an extensive range of travel options, from day trips to 30-day trips to the wider region that include breathtaking landscapes, ancient towns with modern joie de vivre, sun-splashed beaches, authentic gastronomy and luxurious accommodation and yachts.

On the other side, they are dedicated to designing services that provide positive effects of responsible and sustainable tourism. Therefore, the services they offer are built around an authentic experience, respecting small local economies, businesses, and food farms.

"Everything you can imagine is real, discover it with Perfecta Travel" - That is the main guiding thread by which they create unique experiences that exceed the vacation expectations of travellers.
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