Plan-It Morocco


Plan-It Morocco - Curating luxury journeys in Morocco

Founded to create exclusive access to Morocco’s rich culture, Plan-it Morocco designs luxury itineraries and events with their bespoke portfolio of signature activities, private access network and first class properties. Creativity, integrity, collaboration, sustainability and LOVE lie at the heart of everything they do. Their stellar reputation in luxury private travel design is a culmination of years of research and expertise in curating the ultimate travel experience in Morocco.

They deliver unique, transformational itineraries focused on cultural immersion delivered in the most luxurious way and catering to the enquiring mind of the enlightened high-end traveller. They deliver with the highest personal service, and are a Western-owned company based in Morocco, fusing ambitious standards and expectations with Moroccan warmth, hospitality, and culture.

They are available 24/7, and are fully licensed and insured. Plan-It Morocco is committed to delivering authentic, memorable experiences, leading the luxury experiential travel movement in Morocco. As such, Morocco is their expertise and prime focus, being their exclusive destination and operating throughout the entire country. They have in-depth knowledge of all regions, but their specialism lies in how they deliver their services and commitment to staying connected - from their partners overseas to the network on the ground - this means they have insider access at all touch points within Morocco and ensure that their curated programs remain creative and interesting for clients.

The creative studio designs the experiences and their dedicated operations team bring them to fruition. Their bespoke portfolio includes true grass-roots immersion, beautiful secluded getaways, luxurious and isolated private escapes, movable feasts in remote locations, and slow travel activities to delve deeper and make purposeful connections, joyful reunions, private access to special people, places and spaces.