Preiper Luxe

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The most exclusive collection of Great Boutique Hotels ever brought together in Spain

“Proudly serving the Spanish Luxury Hospitality Industry”

PREIPER Luxe is a Spanish-based integrated sales and communications boutique agency, which specialises in Spanish luxury hospitality brands. With a clear devotion to Spanish historical, cultural and traditional heritage, PREIPER Luxe promotes, defends and develops the style and elegance of Spanish luxury at the heart of the hospitality industry.

Disigned for the most discerning travellers, PREIPER Luxe aim to bring together the authentic and vibrant essence of Spain and project it on a prestigious international level. Their mission being to increase the competitiveness of the High-End Spanish hospitality industry beyond its borders.

“An invitation to discover Spain by living, breathing and tasting the local culture”

Providing unique access and insight to Spain´s most iconic hotels & venues, PREIPER Luxe additionally discovers highly creative and immaculately experiences for the world’s most distinguished clientele, working tirelessly to ensure attention to detail.

For those in seek of the extraordinary, PREIPER Luxe's unrivalled understanding of the destination qualifies them to ensure direct access to a first-class local community, to help you design sensory, profound and immersive bespoke projects, offering a wide range of premium services, leading you to exclusive worldwide recognition.

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters” Seneca