Premium Jet

Europe – flight MASTER

Small enough to be personal, but big enough to be professional.

Premium Jet is your independent, Zurich-based one-stop-boutique in the field of Business Aviation, managed and operated by highly experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the needs of their clients around the world.

You're thinking about using a private jet? You should think about Premium Jet! With their holistic business services, they cover all your Business Aviation needs, from one source. And no matter what these needs are Management; Charter; Sales/Acquisition, Premium Jet has an idea and always offers you a custom-tailored, cost-efficient and individual solution.

Their long-standing, highly experienced employees, work for you around the clock. No call centre, no answering machine, no artificial intelligence, but 100% Premium Jet. This ensures the fastest possible response time and guarantees a consistently excellent standard of service as well as the highest possible level of discretion and confidentiality. Because "Premium" is not only their company name but also the basis of their business philosophy, they relentlessly strive for superior quality (which made them one of the few operators in Europe to receive the independent and internationally recognised ARGUS Platinum rating and the licence to provide air traffic services for the United Nations).