Prime Tours Germany


Enjoy high-end travel experiences with Prime Tours Germany

Prime Tours Germany is a high-end, luxury travel specialist based in Munich, Germany which arranges individual trips to Germany, Austria and Switzerland with own guides and vehicles.

Its sympathetic and highly engaged team members have already been working in the luxury travel industry for years. They are profoundly experienced, speak English and Spanish and have access to a broad network of hotels, tour guides, event managers etc. They are masters in creating private, off the beaten track and exclusive itineraries by using the tool Axus.

As a matter of course each journey is custom-made and therefore, exclusively created based on the travellers’ requests and the dedication to offer the best services.

All the team members, Senior Travel Agents, drivers, guides and owner are working together to create memorable experiences, to provide deep insights into the regions and culture and prepare everything for a fun and easy time. The co-working starts already with the first draft of an itinerary and goes on until the journey ends. Their clients are always carefully looked after by the team, that strives to make the impossible possible.

Most of their affluent clients are based in the United States, Canada and Mexico. They travel as individuals, couple, family or as a small group of friends and book from a single transfer to a several weeks lasting accompanied tour. All benefit from the creativity, in-depth knowledge and diligence of Prime Tours Germany.