Pure Pods

Pure Pods, where sustainability and natural design are combined with a new way of luxury

An exciting and innovative concept in experiential travel, Pure Pods fully immerse travellers in New Zealand’s pristine nature. The off-grid, solar-powered eco-cabins, each of which is sited in an area of spectacular natural beauty, feature glass ceilings, floors, and retractable glass walls on three sides, putting nature’s show above, below and all around you, day and night.

During the summer, the walls can be opened up, eliminating any barriers between you and the outdoors, whilst in winter, watching a storm roll in from your warm, dry cabin is mesmerising. On clear nights, no matter the time of year, lying in bed looking up at the Southern Cross is unforgettable.

Each pod is equipped with a bathroom, kitchenette, and queen size bed, and has been carefully sited to guarantee privacy, stunning scenery, and no cell phone signal. Total disconnection is the ultimate aim, enabling visitors to savour the sounds of birdsong, the sight of the setting sun, and the smell of the crisp, clean air.


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