R-list provides sales and marketing solutions for top-notch boutique hotels and vacation rentals

Based in Paris, the R-List offers customized sales and marketing solutions for luxury travel professionals.

R-List was created to help luxury independent hotels, hotel groups, and destinations grow their business. They also offer their services to other luxury tourism professionals such as private transportation and VIP Service companies, etc. They adapt their services on your identified needs and strategic goals.

With more than 20 years of experience in luxury hotels and resorts, they have built strong relationships with the best travel experts in the industry. They focus on increasing your visibility amongst travel advisors and thus developing your revenue via sales calls, professional trades and fairs, webinars, newsletters, social media, events, etc. Their collection is handpicked and intentionally limited so that they can offer highly personalized services. Your hotel will be strongly visible, not just one of a large collection. Simply put, during sales calls, a good amount of time will be dedicated to your product.

You work directly with the owner and a select very carefully chosen enthusiastic and dynamic team. They are also opening and reopening experts, having worked for the openings of several luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. They offer competitive pricing and tailor-made solutions: Besides the French speaking market, R-list can cover most countries in Europe, North America and Mexico, which means a reduced cost for you instead of paying for a representative in each market.