RAAS Jodhpur

Modern Elegance Enveloped in a Rich Historic Tradition at the RAAS Jodhpur

Few destinations awaken and excite the desire for mystery more than the Walled City of Jodhpur. Immerse yourself in antiquity and splendour at the RAAS, where the city’s vibrant history is essential to the Jodhpur experience.

To call the RAAS a boutique hotel would be an understatement. This old world palatial fortress will transport you to another world, where the Abhiras ruled and the Thar Desert was an endless adventure outside your back door. Awaken each morning to the ever-impressive Mehrangarh, standing strong in a sea of azure, indigo, and sapphire dwellings. Close your eyes and breathe in the majestic scents of silk, coffee, and date palms. Stimulate your senses and your passion for the unknown at the RAAS, which offers all of the lush grandeur and nuance that is India.

The RAAS is a consummate study of contrasts, combining 18th century curved architecture with the modern lines and design of today’s luxury accouterments. This “city within a city” blends classical pink sandstone with monochromatic themes, and then casts dancing light and shadows over the entire scene through extraordinary jhali windows. The exquisite divergence of these motifs is evident throughout the 7 buildings within the RAAS. Offering 32 rooms and 7 suites, there are accommodations for every travel style. Each room or suite affords panoramic views of the Mehrangarh or the pristine RAAS gardens. Suites are appointed with private balconies and opulent covered seating areas for entertaining. A stay in one of the Heritage Suites grants unprecedented access to the foregone lives and nobility of the original Rajput residents.



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