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Opening the doors to the desert Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a destination that is perfectly positioned to offer an incredible range of unique once-in-a-lifetime trips. RAWNAQ Tourism has curated a perfect selection of experiences and holds the keys to the most diverse collection of accommodations across the Kingdom. From unique and luxurious addresses in Riyadh to stunning resorts on the Corniche in Jeddah and luxury desert tents, they can accommodate their guests in a true Arabian style.

RAWNAQ’s tailor-made tours showcase the wealth of remarkable sights and experiences throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They combine what their guests want, enhancing their program with local knowledge, to deliver immersive experiences through local experts and guides. Their insider access and knowledge of the best things to do and see in the Kingdom are what sets them apart from the rest. This could be as diverse as an archaeological site visit or even a desert fashion shoot. Discover Saudi will surprise you. The guests will make memories and connections to our country and its people that will truly be everlasting.

Their purpose is to open the opportunities for travel and tourism in Saudi Arabia, a country ready to welcome visitors with warm Arabian hospitality, picturesque natural beauty, fascinating history and rich cultural experiences.  RAWNAQ Tourism wants to bring Saudi Arabia closer to the world and with our local knowledge and passion for travel and tourism, they are best equipped to elevate the Kingdom onto your traveller’s ‘Must See’ lists.

RAWNAQ Travel is also a wholesaler and ground handler for the Indian Ocean specializing in the Maldives and the in the Indian Ocean. Maldives is where it all started in 2010 and RAWNAQ is now recognized as the leading supplier of luxury accommodation to these islands. RAWNAQ staff is constantly visiting the resorts and understanding the product to give the clients the best possible advice and the team likes to say that nobody knows the Maldives as they do. Maldives is a country of endless variety and possibilities and a destination that RAWNAQ is particularly passionate about.