Rayavadee Resort

The holiday of a lifetime awaits at Rayavadee Resort in Krabi Thailand

When guests venture to the Phranang Peninsula in Thailand, they will discover spectacular natural wonders, and the epic destination of the Rayavadee Resort. Nestled in a quiet corner of the rabi Marine National Park, this exclusive hotel provides bespoke experiences and unforgettable memories that are presented with the most luxurious hospitality. This premier resort provides guests with a choice of nearly one hundred two-story pavilions and four private villas that are dispersed among the lush greenery of their 26 acres of coconut groves. The architecture is pure Thai, with amenities and appointments that are state of the art. Each guest space offers the most pristine views of the region, with warm breezes billowing through large entryways and windows. Modern Thai furnishings allow you to repose in the most sumptuous quarters, while common areas evoke a desire for interaction and exhilaration.

The dining options at the Rayavadee Resort are informal, but far from pedestrian. Elegant service blends with innovative menus to transport the body and mind. Guests may choose to dine at the Kru Phranang, at the Raitalay Terrace, or The Grotto. Dinner by the sea is a romantic choice that each guest should experience. Especially when paired with fine wines and gastronomic dishes created from local produce. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails and sinfully delicious curries, all while watching the rolling waves and the stunning sunset each day. Ancient Thai healing traditions are proffered at the Rayavadee Spa, where treatments go beyond the typical spa experience. Noted as one of the most unique and lavish spas in Thailand, guests are encouraged to create their own service package at any time. Shoppers will find their own paradise at the Boutique. With thousands of items showcased each day, there are many wonders to behold. Purchase the most intricately detailed clothing and jewelry items, and the amazing handmade ceramics offered by local Thai villagers.


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