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Heavens Portfolio represents unique travel experiences

Heavens Portfolio has been a representative of unique luxury travel experiences since 2005.  For over a decade, Heavens Portfolio has offered active and talented expertise to market luxury destinations in Asia, with offices in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Mumbai, Delhi, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.  The company offers services that comprise of a direct and consistent market representation covering sales, marketing and public relations with a team of over 48 dynamic and qualified team members geared towards effectively promote the destinations and products of our clients.

The company’s unique approach transcends the typical travel industry establishments of agencies – by building creative “bridges” between the Asian market and the hotels and playing the role of advisers when applying the brand’s own strategies in the represented market.

Heavens Portfolio’s team succeeded in significantly increasing market share for its clients and brilliantly launched several properties.


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Luxe India

Launched in 2006, the team at Luxe India has slowly and steadily built an impressive track record. From their constant efforts to fine tune the service standards, Luxe India is the first DMC to achieve the quality standards mandated by ISO 9001:2015, to their ongoing pursuit of introducing new products and experiences, the love of travel is in their DNA.

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Eastern Journeys

Eastern Journeys - Great Wall

China is a country full of booming industries and picturesque countryside. Their cities display unrivaled skyscrapers towering over small fishing boats. With the right guide, a trip through China will open one’s eyes to the bustling twenty-first century cities as well as the humble history. Eastern Journeys promises to help visitors see the glorious history and beautiful landscapes of China,

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Mandarin Journeys

Mandarin Journeys - Shanghai - Pudong

Mandarin Journeys’ approach to travel is artisanal – it is travel that is handmade and handcrafted. Birthed from a vision to build a cultural bridge between the West and the Orient, Mandarin Journeys is not just about travelling to places and seeing the attractions; it is about a whole and complete experience. Encounter Asia in a different light; A Mandarin

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