THE Boutique GSA

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THE Boutique GSA is the one-stop-shop for properties seeking global exposure with a boutique, bespoke service

THE boutique GSA stands for “Global Sales Agent”, and stands for the hotel representation business part of laura&miro, a consulting agency focusing on sales & marketing for the high-end tourism industry, specializing in luxury hotels.

We are extremely proud of our small portfolio of boutique hotels and unique places that make guests feel special. Given our passion for their simple elegance, the amazing nature surrounding them, their highly original DNA, we have the honour of being their ambassadors throughout Europe and beyond.

Helping the finest agents and travel designers worldwide discover these amazing gems to impress their clients, is what we do. By introducing boutique hotels to new source markets we assist owners and management to develop their business. We cover the major European countries such as e.g. the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Nordic Countries, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Andorra, Italy as well as the United States of America.

A small and highly performant team, over 20 years of market insights, a lot of travelling around the world, an extensive well-catered database, and the motto of projecting an excellent image to the trade are our drivers for success.

The type of property that perfectly fits within our portfolio is small and intimate, 5-star or equivalent, with an excellent service and a unique, genuine character that sets it apart from all others. Our service is ideal for small and dynamic independent properties that require a highly productive and qualitative representation service. We limit our hotel portfolio or permanent collection to only 10 hotels per year, for maximum personalisation.

In 2018 we covered eight European countries and ten cities for our hotels. During the year 2019, we expanded into the US market, thus becoming a one-stop-shop for properties looking for global exposure with a “boutique” bespoke service.

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