Reverie Siam

Take a trip back to the elegant days of exploration and romance at Reverie Siam

The serene Pai village exists as a hidden treasure in Northern Thailand. It seems like the scene of a colonial adventure and romance novel. This sentiment inspired the creation of Reverie Siam, an intimate resort that fuses colonial architecture and Asian accents to create a very chic atmosphere. Guests revel in the calm, quiet nature of Reverie Siam. This resort has an extensive collection of early twentieth-century books ranging from romance novels to political satire. These can be enjoyed in the library or taken back to the guest’s room. The library is also home to live music each evening. There is a rotating cast of local musicians that play relaxing classical, jazz, blues, or folk music depending on the night.

Saltwater pools are another great way to spend the day. There is an infinity pool near the river that provides an awe-inspiring view of the jungle and mountains. It is an almost spiritual experience to relax that close to nature. For more serious swimmers, the stone pool beckons. This twenty-five-meter freeform swimming area is bordered by stones and native flora. There is also a shallow area of the pool for children. Guests who love to swim often opt for a Stone Pool Room, which has a balcony with quick access to the water. For those craving more active adventures, cycling, or hiking through Thailand’s beautiful landscape is a must. Minivans are available to bring adventure seekers to elephant riding and white water rafting locations. In addition, local guides can lead tourists to rush waterfalls, breathtaking viewpoints, and quaint hill tribe villages. Professional local photographers are also available to escort people to their favorite scenic vistas so that guests can capture the beauty of Northern Thailand for themselves.

The Silhouette Bar and Restaurant offers amazing panoramic views of the untouched jungles of Pai. This enchanting, open-air dining area is even better in the evening when the sun sets over the distant mountains. Guests who want a more casual feel can opt for a table on the garden terrace or in the library.

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