Royal Galapagos

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Magnificent cruises navigating the Galapagos Islands

With over a decade of experience, Royal Galapagos is an Ecuadorian company and the official sales operator of the high-end fleet of private cruises in the Galapagos Islands. All its yachts are family-owned and gracefully navigate the islands’ waters in true harmony with nature.

Each Royal Galapagos cruise is carefully tailored to provide passengers with a complete immersion into the charm of these one-of-a-kind islands, allowing them to become one with the environment. The Cormorant II, the newest addition to this stunning fleet, is the largest luxury catamaran in the Galapagos and the most sophisticated way to explore the islands.

With a dedicated staff of on-board professionals, amazing itineraries, exceptional service, close attention to detail and elegant social areas, as well as accommodations featuring handpicked décor, excellence is guaranteed throughout the fleet. Guests will experience an exclusive and intimate journey on refined vessels, all while contributing to Galapagos conservation, making it an ideal choice for a fantastic getaway.

Backed by a team of experienced destination experts who are consistently available to provide efficient responses to the requests of their exclusive client portfolio, Royal Galapagos stands as an industry pioneer, offering innovative booking tools and technology alongside superb customer service.

Days full of sightings, incomparable landscapes, dream species, diving with marine wildlife, and gourmet meals, in addition to unforgettable experiences, are just a small part of what the company has prepared for its guests.

The adventure starts here, with Royal Galapagos - where luxury, exploration, and conservation come together for an extraordinarily refined experience.