Sail Norway

Sail Norway brings luxury to the Nordic Voyage

When travellers and holiday seekers choose to explore the vast waterways of Norway, they find themselves on a serendipitous journey which at its inception is solely a tour of the region by sailing vessel yet inevitably results in complete acquiescence to the wonders of the sea. From the bucolic island of Ylvingen, in Nordland County, Sail Norway operates a bespoke collection of yacht charters and exciting itineraries to the delight of their many passengers. Providing opportunities to families, corporations, and individuals the chance for a unique exploration of the area, Sail Norway ensures a journey that will not be forgotten. Experienced yachting connoisseurs may find the vessel of their dreams at Sail Norway, if even only for an evanescent holiday. Offering a choice from six different Bavaria or Salona yachts, guests will find the ideal vessel for their own voyage. Amidst a catalogue of fine craft, there is an adequate size and choice of ports to meet each sailors’ needs. Bulkheads hold one to two persons while the choice of cabins ranges from two to four. Each glamourous vessel is outfitted with the finest safety, navigational, and interior equipment to ensure your voyage is comfortable and effortless.

Travellers who desire a sailing expedition under the guidance of an experienced yacht captain will enjoy one of the four Sail Adventures afforded by Sail Norway. The Sail Helgeland Adventure will tour the Helgeland Coast, with its innumerable archipelagos and rich Nordic culture. More than a boating tour, passengers will discover the myriad of wildlife and birds, arctic fish, and fjords that embellish the waters near the Vega Islands. Dates are set each year to coincide with the world celebrated Trӕna Music Festival in the summertime, where travellers will hike the exceptional Seven Sisters before enjoying the festivals many activities.

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