Sala Lodges

Discover the Real Cambodia at the Sala Lodges

Perched in the verdant jungle trees, in the capital of the Siem Reap Provence, a bespoke luxury hotel has been created from the authentic and iconic homes of Cambodia. At the Sala Lodges, hand-built and intricately designed stilted houses have been thoughtfully moved and preserved to create a village of sorts at this elegant hotel destination. Only a short walk to the famed Temples of Angkor, Sala Lodges represents all of the mystery, beauty, and imagination that is Cambodia. As the 11 houses that comprise the guest quarters at Sala Lodges were recovered and moved, each was adored for its unique beauty and charmingly subtle character. As such, the owners of the hotel graciously accepted the immense responsibility of preserving the dwellings, not only keeping their structure intact but their overall character as well.

Guests may choose to stay in houses such as the House Bram where modern amenities on the interior have been tucked away inside of the exquisite architecture, or the House Bram Bei, where the distinct horizontal cladding and bamboo embellishments are just as refined as the interior appointments. While 9 of the houses are an ideal choice for couples or small families, the House Pi & Bei and the House Boun are the optimum choice for groups of four to six travellers. Each of these quaint multi-room homes offers the luxury amenities that a worldly guest would require, wrapped in the utopian grandeur of minimalistic Cambodian design.

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