Sandblu Resort Santorini


Sandblu Resort Santorini - Extented over the ancient foothills of Thira Mountain

Opening in the summer of 2024, Sandblu emerges as a sanctuary amidst the beauty of Santorini, nestled on the foothills of ancient Thira Mountain. Offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean landscape, the resort is located steps away from the pristine volcanic black sandy beach of Kamari. The resort addresses the need for a property that provides comprehensive experience, catering to all age groups. The aim is to offer a diverse range of activities and amenities, while exploring Santorini by immersing oneself in the local culture—all within a 5-star luxurious environment. The Concierge Team assists guests in exploring Santorini's hidden gems, recommending secluded tavernas, and revealing secret viewpoints.

Sandblu offers sustainable stays, appealing to eco-conscious travelers and reducing its environmental impact. Sandblu provides guests with a range of dining choices, featuring two restaurants offering Greek modern, Mediterranean, and International cuisine. Additionally, guests can enjoy delectable Mediterranean Tapas at the Wine Bar, winetasting on the Natural Wine Cellar Cave, and indulge in treats from the Bakery. They have the opportunity to relax at the luxury spa, where expert therapists provide rejuvenating treatments, and stay active by visiting the fitness centre. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy their vacation experience while their children have fun and embark on adventures within the vibrant Kids’ Club. At the heart of Sandblu, archaeological remains offer a glimpse into the wine historical practices of Santorini. The remnants of stone structures, carefully preserved over time, stand as silent witnesses to the craftsmanship of ancient winemakers.