Sant Francesc Hotel Singular

The Heart of Palma Holds the Essence of Elegance at Sant Francesc Hotel Singular

Palma de Majorca is not only the capital of the Balearic Islands of Spain but the epicentre of cultural activity in the region. Warm weather, pristine beaches, gourmet cuisine, and monumental architecture draw travellers from around the globe to this Mediterranean paradise. In the city’s historic Sant Francesc Square, guests will find the lavish 19th-century mansion turned luxury destination known as Sant Francesc Hotel Singular. A harmonious blend of forgotten grandeur and contemporary sophistication is viewed in every niche and quiet corner of this palatial estate. Rich traditions of wealth, religion, and heritage await each guest. While the city centre is lively and bustling with activity, the guest spaces inside the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular are a true oasis of tranquility. Comprised of 32 rooms and 10 suites, guests are offered the finest Spanish luxury and ambiance with all of the comforts of home. Contemporary designs and clean lines provide a sense of balance and serenity in the guest rooms. The 4 styles of suites ensure that every desire is met for each guest, along with many of the small considerations that are often overlooked.

Dining at the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular is not simply a way to take nourishment, but a Mediterranean expedition through the culinary highlights of the region. At the famed Quadrat Restaurant and Garden, guests will explore the intricate flavours of Mediterranean cuisine while they are enchanted by the dynamic contemporary architecture. The Lobby Bar and Patio provides an elegant place to meet and socialize while sipping a classic cocktail or modern creation. On the Singular Rooftop Terrace, guests will enjoy panoramic views of the city square while sipping champagne, the perfect end to a Majorcan evening.

The Sant Francesc Hotel Singular provides travellers with an exclusive look into the storied past of Mallorca, while offering guests the ultimate in luxury hospitality.

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