Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort

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Experience the original beauty of Sassi di Matera at Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort

Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort is the first resort in the heart of Sassi of Matera, excavated, modelled and set in the stone of the ancient districts, now a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort is a "Widespread Hotel" and was born from the recovery of an entire district of the old town, transformed into a complex of rupestrian dwellings, to offer guests a stay full of emotions.

Rediscover historic houses for a stay of endless charm located a few steps from Piazza San Pietro Caveoso and near the ridge of the old town and the climb to the cathedral, overlooking the river Gravina and the majesty of the canyon in which it develops the Park of Rock Churches. The vivid colours of the Murgia Regional Park and the magic of the ancient caves called “I Sassi di Matera” are the ideal setting for your relaxation. The resort’s way of conceiving hospitality will make your stay exclusive and prestigious in a truly exceptional location.

In each room there is a different story from the past. A careful restoration respects the places and their history and projects them into the present. Guests can choose between romantic and characteristic rooms in caves and ancient, bright and panoramic buildings. Enjoy timeless sunsets and sunrises on the inviting terraces.

Matera is a very ancient place, in the old Rioni of Sassi the time seems to stop, but for a moment everything appears like in the past. This City has a soul and offers to visitors endless opportunities for entertainment.