Santani Wellness


Santani Wellness - Sustainable wellbeing begins by bringing oneself into balance

Santani is the first and only purpose-built wellness resort offering luxury escapes in Sri Lanka, designed according to the highest sustainability and eco-standards. The property has spent more than two years searching for this pristine location because they understood humans heal and thrive most effectively where nature meets intelligent, sustainable design. The resort provides guests with an escape beyond compare in Sri Lanka.

Santani offers a welcoming place to retreat and rejuvenate within an unspoilt wilderness in the spiritual centre of Sri Lanka. The temperature at the resort is comfortably cool at 2,800 feet above sea level. Guests are free to roam around these 116 acres of tropical jungle and fertile rice fields, to practice yoga or to meditate along the Hulu River. Dive in and go for a swim if you wish. In the evening, enjoy a glass of bubbly by a campfire, relax in the lounge or meet friends at the bar. The choice is yours.