Schlössle Hotel

Schlössle Hotel, a modern hotel in medieval Tallinn

The city of Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and a centre of a flourishing economy, as well as a proud Baltic culture. After decades of German and Soviet occupation, all of the Baltic republics have found a good measure of prosperity under their democratic lifestyles, and the old Hanseatic world, blending Nordic seafaring with a love of life, has revived beautifully. The perfect example of this is the Schlössle Hotel, a deluxe boutique hotel in the centre of the Old Town Tallinn. The Schössle is a five-star affair, and it is housed in what was once the warehouse of a city alderman. The bürgermeister Marquart Bretholt took possession of the property in the 14th century and built the arch that leads to the inner courtyard of the estate.

When the merchant Wilhelm Brinck took over the building in the 18th Century, he converted the building into a residence and added many Baroque features to the architecture. Today the lobby of the old tower is undecorated brick, with gorgeous arches that speak of the strength of the old warehouse in medieval times. Just a few minutes’ walk to the southwest of the hotel, the old town square, the Raekoja Plats, awaits the curious visitor, with many of its market stalls still vending the fresh seafood and produce medieval Tallinnians bought so long ago. Open throughout the year, the Schössle can provide the traveller with numerous bespoken services and guidance, and in the summertime, the hotel opens the Summer Garden dining area in its courtyard, with a complete menu and wine list. The winter can be just as exciting as the summer, when the city opens the Christmas Market in the Raekoja Palts, and the Winter Festival with live music at various locations.

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