Security Concierge Group 

Uk, spain, portugal & WORLDWIDE - RISK master

Protection, Discretion & Safety with Security Concierge Group

Security Concierge Group comprises a reliable and established team of international travel safety professionals with over 20 Years’ experience successfully providing travel advisory, management and support services within the luxury travel sector. Deploying to destinations Worldwide with a focus on travel without boundaries or limitations, the travel safety service is delivered by specialist travel facilitators who work closely 1:1 to support elite & high profile travellers and industry partners throughout all stages of the travel experience from initial planning through to departure, onwards journey and safe return.

Responsible & seriously committed to the care of elite & high profile travellers privacy, health and safety whilst they are overseas to ensure their travel experience is most memorable and unconditional in comfort, safety and style, the travel facilitators utilise their risk management and safety expertise to research, plan and provide professional guidance, practical support and essential travel safety and risk mitigation strategies to assist the successful facilitation of truly extraordinary travel experiences.

Advance reconnaissance visits to a region or destination is frequently made to develop knowledge, contacts and vetting of any local chosen service partners. This research in conjunction with the development of organisational structure, hierarchy, communications protocols and a sophisticated itinerary ensures an advanced level of coordination throughout the elite traveller’s journey with important control measures in motion.

Experts in complex, high value & confidential 24/7 travel management with Headquarters in the UK and offices in Spain & Portugal, the travel projects supported are logistically broad and wide ranging in locations, duration and client profile.