Singita Serengeti House

Experience how it is to live alongside the African Savannah at Singita Serengeti House

In Tanzania lies the great Serengeti, the endless land of lions and antelopes. This tremendous wilderness remains free and untamed. You are welcome here, and Singita is proud to be your host. Singita has created beautiful and exotic safari lodges that dot the African landscape, branching out to all points of the compass. In the northernmost part of Tanzania lies the Serengeti National Park, close to the Kenyan border, and the Serengeti House is one of several of Singita’s lodges ready to welcome intrepid explorers to an oasis of comfort and luxury in the heart of these grasslands.

The Singita Serengeti House can offer the curious explorer an extraordinary experience. To travel to the edge of a busy watering hole and observe the wildlife of Africa mange their affairs is a journey to a time of wild and brutal innocence that has long vanished from every other part of the planet. At the Serengeti House, you will be able to relax by a swimming pool as the sun sets in the west, enjoying freshly prepared appetizers as the wildebeests roam among the nearby hillocks. The Serengeti House is known for its relaxing facilities, and you will certainly rest easy in the comfortable decks and lounges that make such a contrast with the natural world that envelopes the lodge.

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