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In 1991, Yair Shimansky embarked on his South African venture following an enlightening tenure in Japan, laying the cornerstone for his pursuit of luxury and diamond craftsmanship. Establishing his inaugural boutique in 1994, Shimansky's dedication to excellence began to unfold. Driven by a relentless pursuit of quality, Shimansky ventured to the diamond mines of Kimberley in 1998, revolutionizing the industry by directly sourcing rough diamonds. Embracing the allure of platinum, he earned the esteemed title 'The Platinum King' for his pioneering work in platinum jewellery.

Renowned for his innovative spirit, Shimansky patented iconic diamond cuts such as the My Girl, garnering worldwide recognition for his visionary designs. The Millennium Diamond Ring emerged as the emblem of the brand's contemporary elegance. In 1999, Shimansky unveiled The Cape Town Diamond Museum, a testament to South Africa's rich diamond heritage, which later expanded to New York in 2017, offering an immersive journey into the world of diamonds.

Shimansky's showrooms epitomize bespoke luxury experiences, seamlessly blending education and indulgence. The House of Shimansky, established in 1991, stands as a beacon of elegance, providing first-hand insights into diamond cutting and jewellery crafting. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, each Shimansky diamond undergoes meticulous cutting and polishing in-house, ensuring its brilliance shines through with unparalleled radiance.

Book a tour now and indulge in a bespoke luxury experience at their Rockwell Showroom branch. Let them guide you through the world of diamonds with unparalleled expertise and hospitality, ensuring an unforgettable journey filled with beauty, brilliance, and sophistication.