Shipwreck Lodge

Unravel the mystery at Shipwreck Lodge

The Shipwreck Lodge run by Natural Selection in Namibia is one of Africa’s most uniquely designed retreats. It offers almost unprecedented privacy and freedom within architectural masterpieces that represent shipwrecks on the beach. The lodge is located on Namibia’s famous Skeleton Coast and surrounded by wild and rugged sandy expanses cushioning the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Besides the solitude and seclusion within the dunes of Skeleton Coast, this lodge has much more to offer. You can take a drive in search of desert elephants or track down desert-dwelling lions as part of a unique safari experience offered by Natural Selection. If you are not into tracking wildlife, you can marvel at the geological structures of the one-of-a-kind Clay Castles.

The Shipwreck Lodge features 10 spacious solar-powered cabins, and some of the cabins can hold extra beds if you choose to take your children to this otherworldly place. The center of this unusual resort is dominated by a restaurant.  The lounge area offers unobstructed views of the rugged landscape that extend down to the sea.

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