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Royal Ascot

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Bagmen, Furlongs and Swoopers at Royal Ascot

Founded in 1711 when Queen Anne held the first horse race named ‘Her Majesty’s Plate.’ It was at this point that the Ascot Racecourse began its historical legacy.

Held over five days in mid-June, Royal Ascot is the centre piece on the Ascot Racecourse calendar and attracts over three hundred thousand people each year. Royal Ascot epitomises English style, elegance and sophistication.  Over the years Royal Ascot has become synonymous with not only being a world stage for horse racing but also a showcase for elegant style, especially when it comes to the ladies head wear.

In accordance with the strict dress code, ladies attending Royal Ascot are expected to wear a hat. This has become industry in itself, seeing ladies turning up with unimaginable head pieces, many of which requiring their own seat on the trip to the event.

Attended by the Royals, Royal Ascot is a venerable showcase of who’s who and sees everyone from celebrities and heads of industry right the way through to Joe Bloggs enjoying the races.

With a prize money purse totalling over six million Euros, Royal Ascot is the nation’s wealthiest racing event.

Featuring a host of precessions as well off track entertainment, food stalls and bars, Royal Ascot is a very English way to enjoy the summer.

Royal Ascot - Royal Enclosure GardensRoyal Ascot - Royal Procession TracksideRoyal Ascot - prohibit leads the field on his way to winning Royal Ascot - Race - United KingdomRoyal Ascot - Pre Parade RingRoyal Ascot -Procession

Photo Credits: Jan Kruger & Keith Williams

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