Silver Star Yachting

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Silver Star Yachting, one of the leading luxury yacht charter brokers in Mediterranean

Rosanna Arcamone and her husband Nicola Iacono from Ischia Island (Italy) commemorated their passion for yachts and their love for the Mediterranean by founding yacht charter company Silver Star Yachting in 2008. Rosanna has had a 10-year service as a chief stewardess on superyachts around the Mediterranean, from which stems her personal rapport with the crew and intimate inner knowledge of the yacht charter business. The combination of Nicola’s 15-year experience as a consultant for luxury brands, including shipyards, his true passion for the yachts and the sea, and Rosanna’s colourful background, provided the perfect recipe for success of their yacht company. They pooled their intellectual and financial resources and have worked diligently for the last 12 years to successfully bring their dream project Silver Star Yachting to its new heights.

Their Strong points are; MYBA Corporate and Individual Members, expert knowledge of the yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean, a thorough knowledge of the yachting industry, over 1200 yachts (sailing and motor) from 20 to 120 meters to offer, they personally know most of the yachts and crews, they create unique and customized itineraries and of course, a very fast response anytime.