Silversands Grenada


Experience the space at Silversands in Grenada

Silversands is a hidden gem on one of the most exclusive Caribbean islands. The hotel and private villas offer you an unprecedented opportunity to revel in picture-perfect beaches. Silversands’ unique high-end design is a breathtaking contrast to the surrounding natural landscape.

The resort features beachside and hillside villas. The 4-bedroom beachside villas are constructed as separate pavilions in perfect harmony with the sublime white sand. On the other hand, the 3-bedroom hillside villas incorporate a 3-tier design with a bedroom on each tear. A sizable outdoor patio with a swimming pool offers spectacular vistas over the majestic Grenada landscape.

When you feel a little peckish or up for a drink, Silversands will not fail to amaze you. The Asiatique restaurant prepares a menu of Asian-styled dishes seasoned by local Grenadian spices. There is an assortment of contemporary Thai dishes that you can choose from or you may go for the locally sourced fish. To top it all off, you can pick out a bottle of barrique wine from the Crudo Bar’s 1000-bottle cellar.

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