Singer Palace Hotel

Italy – sleep MASTER

An amazing twentieth century palace just a few steps from Trevi Fountain

Back in 1850 Mr Singer, a famous American entrepreneur in the textile field, invented the very first sewing machine and the one that persisted through the times. This innovative tool arrived in Italy in 1930, more precisely to this building, where tailors would dress all the most elegant women of the era. The Haute Couture tailors were all clients of Mr Singer and Singer Palace was an incredible showroom for sewing machines of all kinds. In the following years, Singer Palace was used for a variety of other purposes, but it has always kept its original charm and mirrored its central location. Uniquely, the location has sheltered an interesting collection of sewing machines, very rare to find at present time.

In 2018, the Visocchi family reconverted Singer Palace into a chic boutique hotel, adding a contemporary touch to the historic location. The marriage of ancient and modern elements and the breathtaking panorama was created especially for the delight of the discerning international clientele.

Very centrally located in the heart of Rome the Singer is within walking distance from all the major historical sights of the city as well as the best shopping roads. Within a short walk to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia and a lovely 20 min walk to the Colosseum will delight all guests. Additionally a breathtaking view of the Quirinale, the residence of the Italian President, will surprise all Singer’s guests while sipping a tasty aperitif, enjoying a delightful lunch or appreciating a romantic dinner. Singer Palace Hotel is made up of 30 rooms, including 10 suites and 7 connecting solutions. Rooms and connecting feature from 20 to 86 sqm / 215 to 925 sq ft.