Skeleton Coast Safaris

Dunes, shipwrecks and desert elephants with Skeleton Coast Safaris

In 1971 Louw Schoeman was instrumental in the proclamation of what is now a world-renowned national park, the Skeleton Coast Park. In 1977 he started Skeleton Coast Safaris. Skeleton Coast Safaris is unlike any other safari company on the African continent. What Skeleton Coast Safaris do is completely unique to themselves and has yet to be recreated anywhere else. Unlike other safari companies that utilise small aircraft simply as means of transport, Skeleton Coast Safaris don’t simply fly their clients high above the ground but rather as the company states they fly at “see level.” On a Skeleton Coast Safari animals, geological formations and the odd man-made skeleton that litter the Skeleton Coast Park are not simple dots on the landscape, but can actually be seen up close.  The pilot of a Skeleton Coast Safari acts as the client’s host, game driver, and a general walking encyclopedia of everything that is Namibian.

Skeleton Coast Safaris offer four different route options that range from three to six nights. During a Skeleton Coast Safari clients are accommodated in the company’s own camps and lodges.  During a safari client will fly into areas that are quite simply too remote or difficult to access by any other means of transport other than by aircraft.

Skeleton Coast Safaris are a unique and incredible way to experience the mystical desert-scapes of one of Africa’s least travelled countries, Namibia.

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