Soaring Safaris

Experience Africa from above with Soaring Safaris

The concept of an African safari is long associated with colonial exploration and epic adventure. The word safari itself conjures visions of trekking through the savannah in search of big game. In reality, many safaris end with only a few small animals being seen, and travellers that are incredibly hot and tired. Proposing a fabulous alternative to a traditional land safari, Soaring Safaris allows tourists and travellers to explore Africa while keeping company with the clouds. A flying safari is far more than a simple transfer between two points of interest. Soaring Safaris has spent innumerable hours studying the lands of Africa to ensure that each journey has multiple opportunities to see the amazing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of the country. Each journey is flexible, and scheduled to fit the needs of the travellers. Every route is continually studied in detail, which means it is mapped by the expert pilots on a regular basis.

The airborne adventures found with Soaring Safaris are unique in the respect that a large expanse of land may be toured in a far shorter time than by traditional safari vehicle methods. Additionally, the terrain of Africa can be very difficult to traverse on foot or even by truck. Flying through the clouds eliminates the literal roadblocks and tough to manage the terrain.

The aircraft operated by Soaring Safaris include two versions of the Cessna, the Cessna Grand Caravan and the Cessna C210 Centurion. Between these two aircraft, 5 to 13 passengers may be accommodated.  Both planes offer far more comfort than the rough rides of smaller and more rustic aircraft. If travellers require seating for a larger group, Soaring Safaris is able to outsource and operate other larger aircraft such as the Cessna C206 Stationair and the Cessna C406 Twin Engine aeroplane.

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