Sorris Sorris Lodge

Luxury design lodges perfectly blended into the red granite boulders of southern Damaraland

Built into the rugged landscape of the eponymous concession, Sorris Sorris Lodge is a tiny oasis of luxury in the midst of a vast untamed desert. It’s nine rock and rammed-earth rooms are square and unembellished on the outside, allowing them to be absorbed into the rocky scenery, yet offer Scandinavian-style minimalist interiors where pale woods, crisp white linens, and dramatic views predominate.

Connected by raised walkways and wooden staircases, the lodge includes a V-shaped pool built atop a kopje, surrounded by a timber deck, a hexagonal viewing platform with a fire pit at its centre, and an airy and elegant main lodge, where views of the Brandberg Mountain take centre stage.

Marvel at the awe-inspiring emptiness of this epic landscape on guided nature walks, game drives or hot air balloon rides, or simply revel in the absolute silence on your private veranda.

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