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Step'In Asia is a team of curious and enthusiastic travel addicts, driven by the desire to share their common passion: discoveries and encounters that enrich and enhance our lives! Based on 15 years of experience, solid expertise, in-depth knowledge of the field and a network of reliable and competent partners, Step'In Asia creates unique and exclusive trips by meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. Analysing desires and needs, assisting and advising, taking care of every detail are the key stages in the development of the architecture of a trip entirely privatized and meticulously shaped in total resonance with the client's profile. In constant search for new ideas, itineraries or stays are always enhanced with unusual and memorable experiences.


Visiting China means confronting the striking contrasts of modernity with the traditions and customs of a complex civilization, it is about discovering exceptional natural sites, breath-taking landscapes as well as an intriguing cultural heritage. In Beijing, the Northern Capital, you will be in awe by the grandiose Forbidden City, home of the ancient Chinese and Mongol dynasties. Stroll on the Great Wall of China, majestic bridge linking these two civilizations. Explore Shanghai, the vibrant city where the Pudong’s cloud-piercing skyscrapers rub the Art Deco atmosphere, indulge in the culinary delight at the Longjing tea plantations in Hangzhou or forget about time when diving into the sea of clouds at sunset at the Yellow Mountains!

If the Middle Kingdom intrigues you, we will create impressive itineraries, take you on a one-of-a-kind journey and guide you through exciting ventures with one aim – to exceed all your expectations and create memories of a lifetime. 

Hong Kong

Explore the Pearl of the Orient and enjoy the vertical playground on the shores of the South China Sea!

Discover the incredible archipelago that is Hong Kong. Another city that never sleeps, Hong Kong forms the crossroad between Chinese and Western cultures and is known as the world’s most vertical city!  Climb up to the Victoria Peak in a historical tram and enjoy an astonishing view of its iconic harbour. Enjoy the marvellous Symphony of lights from a traditional junk boat, a spectacle worth seeing, as it illuminates the city’s monumental skyline every night. Take breath-taking photos of the city from one of the many helicopter trip. Experience the delicious seafood from a traditional fishermen’s village. The former British colony will know how to seduce and satisfy all your senses. Away from the city there are pristine white sand beaches to complement the thrill of the city life, and a multitude of islands to explore. If Hong Kong and its surrounding is often visited as a destination of its own, it’s also a perfect gateway to China and Asia.