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Uzbekistan - destination master

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Silk Road with Step'In Asia Uzbekistan 

Step'In is a team of curious and enthusiastic travel addicts, driven by the desire to share their common passion: discoveries and encounters that enrich and enhance our lives! Based on 15 years of experience, solid expertise, in-depth knowledge of the field and a network of reliable and competent partners, STEP'IN creates unique and exclusive trips by meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers. Analysing desires and needs, assisting and advising, taking care of every detail are the key stages in the development of the architecture of a trip entirely privatised and meticulously shaped in total resonance with the client's profile. In constant search for new ideas, itineraries or stays are always enhanced with unusual and memorable experiences.

Follow the steps of ancient pilgrims and business travellers on the imposing Silk Road and immerse yourself in the glorious times of a distant, yet not forgotten, past.
Desert citadels, crumbling mud fortresses, mosaic-adorned madrassas and busy market bazaars. For many centuries, the Silk Road was the world’s superhighway, with Uzbekistan at its very heart.

Relive long-forgotten times by visiting these divine palaces, harems or madrassas of stunning beauty, learn more about this region’s thousand-year-old history, from the trade between China and the Mediterranean, from the story of Alexander the Great and Tamerlan, the great astronomers and mathematicians to the great Sufi masters.
Imagine a conference on board of the Aral Sea high-speed train where during your coffee breaks you can admire Uzbekistan’s must-see sights that parade by your window: From the Kingdom of Khorezm and the landscapes of the Karakum desert to the sparkling gold, blue and green roofs of domes and minarets. See the endless green valleys and witness a fascinating game of Buzkashi, the national sport. Meet uzbek people and discover all craftsmanship of local artisans, the masters in hand-embroidered suzani textiles or learn to make a pechka (traditional uzbek knife) under the guidance of a famous knifemaker.