Storfjord Hotel

Storfjord Hotel, bespoke comfort in Norway’s Northern Forests

The coastline of Norway, like all of Northern Europe, is warmed by the constant flow of the Gulf Stream, and the region’s history of glacial erosion has created some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world. Near the center of the country lies the small island city of Alesund, and as you follow the roads east of the town, towards the mainland, you will pass along the rugged shores of the Storfjorden. This will bring you to the Ornakken Forest, and in the center of this beautiful woodland stands the Storfjord Hotel. A beautiful modern rustic lodge, set upon a gentle hillside overlooking the fjord’s calm waters below, the Storfjord Hotel can provide its clientele with the most luxurious accommodations in the region. Above the logs that form its exterior walls, a turf roof provides eco-friendly insulation to a classic luxury experience, offering bespoke tours of the surrounding landscape and elegant service for every guest. The featured suite of the hotel is the Storfjord Suite, a majestic, high-beamed room with a huge fireplace, and a balcony with an exquisite view of the fjord. The selection of rooms includes several Junior Suites, Superior Deluxe Doubles, and Deluxe Double Suites. Open since 2006, the hotel can arrange bespoke tours of the area, and it has hosted numerous conferences and weddings, as a part of the 62° Nord group of luxury hotels.

Within ten miles of the Storfjord, an international wonder can be found. The Geiranger Fjord, with the Seven Sisters waterfall draping its sheer cliff face, is an awe-inspiring site, and the Storfjord will be happy to arrange a bespoke sail along these waters. Above the Geirangerfjord and the Storfjord, the Sunnmore Alps await intrepid hikers, and the Storfjord Hotel will be glad to arrange bespoke hiking tours throughout the area with private guides. The local waters around the town of Alesund are filled with rich schools of northern fish, and a private charter will take you out with rod and reel, or perhaps just a visit to the town center for a day trip.

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