CROATIA – representation MASTER

Stories, Croatian Unique Hotels

There are few countries in the world that possess such beautiful and diverse nature as Croatia. In the span of a few hours, a traveller can experience unrivalled, verdant plains, quaint river valleys, framed by rolling hills; dense, centuries-old forests and sheer stone cliffs; snow capped mountains and a most beautiful coast. From east to west, from north to south, to the country's Adriatic coast, and its 1246 islands, every part of Croatia is touched with beautiful, pristine nature and traces of the country's millennial history.

And every corner of Croatia has its own story. Just like each hotel within Stories, Croatian Unique Hotels, tell its own story offering its own authentic, local experience through unique heritage or concepts, superb location, special gourmet experience, impeccable design and a highly personalised service. Stories hotels are found in the most interesting locations: hidden and secluded coastal coves, tucked away in thousand-year-old, UNESCO protected town centres, or in a Roman Emperor's palace, a luxurious castle once belonging to the nobles, or a rich merchant's manor.

Each of these hotels inspire an authentic, quality and engaging experience that acquaints their guests with the legacy, heritage and warm hospitality of the Croatian Adriatic. All together, they knit a rich tapestry full of scents, colours, tastes and textures that can only be found in this small, remarkable land, Croatia.