Sublime Comporta

Sublime Comporta, travel to Magellan’s homeland and relax on Portugal’s best beaches

Nestled in the lush, green Portuguese countryside, the village of Comportais is located a mere one hour and a fifteen-minute drive from Lisbon. The traditional village is composed of rice fields, vineyards, as well as pine forests and a whole 40km long, pristine beach. The region remains one of Portugal’s top attractions. The region’s jewel, however, is Sublime Comporta, a premium Country House Retreat that fuses the beautiful local environment with a deep, almost other-worldly experience. Sublime Comporta is a simpler place, where one can experience a simpler, traditional lifestyle, while still enjoying the enmities and elegance of modern life.

An exclusive destination, Sublime Comporta has a total of 14 suites, five of which are located in the main building, with the other nine in a separate structure close by. All the rooms are open floor, well lit and quite roomy, featuring wide windows with a great view of the surrounding countryside. The simple, white-gray color palette creates a comforting atmosphere that will go a long way towards helping you relax. The menu at the house restaurant combines a contemporary presentation with old fashioned flavours. Every night, the chefs at Sublime Comporta prepare different dishes with completely natural and unprocessed ingredients, such as fish fresh from the Atlantic or the organic vegetables that are grown in Sublime Comporta’s own gardens.

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