Suisse Selection


Suisse Selection - Unique travel experiences made in Switzerland

How do your perfect holidays look like? Impossible to say… right? Similar to favourite food or art, each human being has different individual preferences and ways of enjoying and recovering. Beauty and pleasure vary in the eyes of everyone. Holidays, individuality and variety depend on wishes. A well prepared, designed and perfectly executed experience means pure satisfaction. That is what Suisse Selection stands for…

Founded in 2019, Suisse Selection is your partner for Switzerland’s magical moments and luxury journeys. Tourism in Switzerland is famous for its exceptional quality, creating unique and memorable experiences for holidaymakers from all over the world. The team of Suisse Selection are proud to offer the heritage of excellence. They live on over 20 years of experience in high-class tourism. The enthusiastic Swiss native travel managers love to share their passion and love for Switzerland with you. All of them know their Country by heart and will make sure to focus solely and exclusively on travellers’ personality and desire. Whether guests are looking to be pampered at a deluxe spa hotel, enjoy brisk alpine hikes and skiing down pristine slopes, desire a dose of art, culture and luxury shopping in a bustling city - or indeed, the whole package including all of the above. They will be your extended arm and help you to provide you with tailor-made itineraries and exclusive insider tips, to ensure, that each stay will remain unforgettable. Their permanent focus is creating experiences which travellers will treasure forever.