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1 Hotel Central Park

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1 Hotel Central Park, the beauty of greenery in the Big Apple

You may think of New York as the home of the Yankees, Tiffany’s, Times Square and Madison Garden. The folks at 1 Hotel Central Park prefer to think of the Big Apple as the home of the biggest city park in the world, and this luxury boutique hotel, situated one block from its namesake, will celebrate the greenery of New York with you throughout your stay. The 1 Hotel group was founded in 2004 with a complete commitment to a strong, eco-friendly concept of luxury experiences. Situated just one short black from the southeastern corner area of Central Park, in the heat of the great Manhattan Midtown District, the 1 Hotel is perfect for explorations of New York’s more organic side, which has surprising strength in the great concrete avenues. The Hotel and staff will be glad to create bespoke introductions to this unique aspect of the Big Apple, and serve as your guide to a brighter and greener New York.

A Luxurious, Warm House in the Heart of Midtown

The 1 Hotel Central Park provides its guests with a choice of ten various suites and rooms, all featuring 100 percent recycled furnishings and décor. Some of the wood in the building is reclaimed from the water towers of Old New York. The warming colors of the white oak woods of the hotel are the perfect complement to the greenery of the park outside, and every room features a theme of natural beauty, replete with terrariums, organic linens, and rustic copper fixtures in the cozy baths. Pets and children are welcome at the 1 Hotel.

Taking on the Big Apple With Bespoken Confidence

When you visit New York, you can quickly get exhausted. Every sort of entertainment and experience is within reach on the island of Manhattan, and the staff of the 1 Hotel will be glad to arrange bespoken explorations of every borough in the region. It is up to you to decide how much exertion is right for your stay. The great touring sites like Carnegie Hall and Times Square are fairly static, while the vast museums of New York require considerable walking to enjoy. Fortunately you will find that every major venue is equipped for handicapped access. The nightlife of New York is infamously complete, with the highest and lowest entertainments taking place within a block of each other. If you wish to focus on boutique shopping the staff can easily arrange a Tesla drop off in the best areas of Midtown, Soho, or any similar. One of the secret delights of New York is the potluck visit to a nearby restaurant. Famous names like Russian Tea Room, with its glorious golden décor and elite pricing, certainly deserve a visit (and lies just a block to the west of the 1 Hotel, on W57th Street), but your favorite meal may turn out to be a friendly visit to a nearby diner with a strange unknown snack that blows your mind with its deliciousness. If consulted, the 1 Hotel staff will be glad to make recommendations for various cuisines. Do not neglect the 1 Hotel’s special knowledge and expertise in Central Park itself: many hidden treasures of the city’s natural jewel can be visited on a bespoke tour after consulting with the staff.

A Dinner That Goes Well With Happiness

The 1 Hotel is also host to the refined menu of Chef Jonathan Waxman’s Jam, with a focus on fresh, locally derived foodstuffs. Jam is uniquely dedicated to providing in-room dining, which is more of a privilege than a service at many highly ranked hotels, and the beautiful emphasis on crisp veggies in gourmet dishes will be very welcome if you focus on heavy haute cuisine during your stay. In the lobby, you will find the 1 Hotel Farmstand, full of rich fresh fruits and produce, along with raw nuts, all ready for your purchase. The commitment of the 1 Hotel to ecological living with a sense of joy is genuine and strong, and this establishment receives uniformly good ratings for the friendliness of its staff. Enjoy a happier New York at the city’s organic center of luxurious bespoken adventure, the 1 Hotel Central Park.


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