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Abu Camp

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Become a Part of the Herd at the Fabulous Abu Camp in Botswana

The Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta on the planet, provides an African safari experience in the heart of Botswana that is unmatched. Set amidst this almost half a million acre private reserve is the exclusive Abu Camp. Here, travellers will find the mystery and excitement of an authentic African adventure heightened by luxury accommodations and services. Named for a beloved bull elephant from the region, the Abu Camp is the natural home to more elephants than any other region of Africa.

African Charm in Each Accommodation

The lavish and intimate 6 suites afford guests of the Abu Camp with a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the safari lifestyle. Inside each bespoke canvas suite, guests will discover opulent furnishings and décor, the amenities of a luxurious resort and the hospitality that is only found in Africa.

A desire to minimize their footprint on this pristine African reserve has led the creators of Abu Camp to construct unique buildings and pathways that intertwine through the natural environment. Follow one of the many boardwalks to the luxurious common dining room, the library, or even the secluded swimming pool. Each guest space employs handwoven materials, exotic hardwood, and African home wares to present a harmonious balance between Africa and luxury amenities.

To further enhance the African safari experience, Abu Camp creates sumptuous continental cuisine of the highest gastronomic standards. Presented daily on the alfresco deck, guests will enjoy the flavours of Botswana and beyond while surrounded by the epic breath-taking views of the Okavango Delta. Blending the fresh and local seasonal ingredients with wine pairings from Abu Camp’s extensive wine cellar creates memorable epicurean experiences for each privileged diner.

Safari at an Elite Level

As Abu Camp resides in such lush elephant territory, the camp owners have made interaction, education, and exploration of the local herd a priority. Guests will have opportunities to immerse themselves in the elephant herd, with chances to observe and interact. Excursions may be scheduled to safari on elephant back, or simply experience the care and maintenance given to these majestic beasts as part of their daily routine. Do not be surprised if you find yourself developing an attachment to the herd, especially after witnessing their many human behaviours and idiosyncrasies.

A safari through Botswana would not be complete without trekking by foot or recreational vehicle through the immense reserve to locate many of the mammals who thrive in the Okavango Delta. Guided tours will educate guests on conservation and the local ecosystem, and they will provide once in a lifetime photographic opportunity. Helicopter flights over Abu Camp and the Okavango Delta will provide a unique perspective of the diverse landscape, while canoe tours will give guests the chance to explore waterfowl, amphibians, and game who reside on the channels of the Delta.

Abu Camp and the Okavango Delta are a true explorer’s destination. Lavish in the luxury offered by the property, and the incomparable opportunities for unity with African nature in one inclusive luxury setting.


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