Alladale Wilderness Reserve

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Discover the wild side of the Scottish Highlands

The Alladale Wilderness Reserve is located at the end of a 90-minute drive from the city of Inverness. While it might sound like it is in the middle of nowhere, this is part of what makes the remote location so special and very much worth the visit for anyone feeling worn down by the stresses of urban life. Alladale has plenty of wildlife, big, open skies and, most of all, miles of breathtaking scenery.

The Reserve features three unique lodges for visitors to choose from. The main lodge is a refurbished Victorian Manor, available in all seasons and from which guests can enjoy numerous outdoor pursuits before retreating to the mansion’s warm baths and crackling fireplaces. The lodge’s surroundings are nothing but rugged hills and ancient Scot Pines – you might just feel like you travelled back in time.

You did not travel back in time without the comforts of modern life, though – the lodge features 7 modern double bedrooms with ensuite showers and bathrooms, as well as free WiFi, a billiard and TV room and a fully equipped gym and sauna.

If you prefer something a little less opulent and a bit more private, but nonetheless gorgeous, the Eagle’s Crag , a converted farmhouse, might be the perfect hideaway for you and your family or friends. The Lodge stands in sharp contrast with the rest of its wild surroundings, the sparkling streams and the open grass valleys nestled between rugged hills provide a glorious view to any visitor who wants to feel in touch with nature.

Your third option is the Ghille’s Rest, a location that seemingly transcends history and time to create the sense of serenity and peace that is so lacking in modern life.

Stalk Ancient Forests in Search of the Elusive White Stag

The guides at Alladale have a deep understanding of the bio-diversity of the region. Alladale is not only a retreat for weary travellers, but a long term re-wilding project. With so many of nature’s bastions being demolished to make room for more skyscrapers and concrete, the team at Alldale works towards preserving some of that primordial feel of nature. Over 800,000 trees have been replanted and a variety of wildlife programmes have been hosted in collaboration with Oxford’s WildCRU unit.

Additionally, Alladale is working on a bison-breeding programme and two breeding pairs of the famous Scottish wildcats have also been brought in. The estate is currently the largest wilderness engineering and rewilding area in the whole United Kingdom.

Not only is nature being preserved and restored, but it is open for you to explore at your leisure, and together with Alldale’s guides, you will uncover the natural beauty of the reserve. Your mental, physical and even spiritual wellbeign, battered from the stresses of city life, will quickly feel restored.

Guests participate in a variety of activities, from fishing and pony riding, to mountain biking and stalking deer. You could hike through the rugged hills of the Scottish Hinterlands, participate in clay pidgeon shooting as well as safaris in off road vehicles.

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