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Amanemu, the harmony of the hot springs of Ago Bay

On top of the heights overlooking Ago Bay, in the southern region of Mie Prefecture, about 120 miles from Tokyo, stands the Amanemu hotel and resort. With twenty-four suites and four villas designed to provide luxurious and tranquil accommodations, Amanemu is one of the largest bespoken travel hotels in the country. A visit to this resort will allow travelers to embraces one of the most peaceful experiences that Japan has to offer: the onsen hot spring bath, an immersion in the naturally heated waters of the region. Located near Ise-Shima National Park, Amanemu will provide travelers with and incredible array of bespoke explorations, from religious exploration of local shrines, to a close look at the traditions of the pearl fishing industry in Ago Bay, to the classic relaxations of spa and golf.

Leaving Care Behind in Mineral Baths

Like many luxury resorts in Japan, where volcanic activity makes thermal springs a commonplace feature, Amanemu is able to channel the local hot springs into their spa facilities. Amanemu is not content to offer simple heated pools, however, but goes on to create a classic Japanese experience of tranquility and serene relaxation: the onsen bath. Onsen baths are designed to the prescriptions of the amazing Japanese sense of harmony and simplicity. Indoors, the black stone work of the baths align with the beautiful views of the Ago Bay provided by enormous windows, and the outdoor facilities feature a watsu pool, which combines hot water with massage treatment. The spa treatments of Amanemu are classic in their comprehensive and very Japanese attention to detail.

Bespoke Sailing on a Famous Bay

Bespoke travelers are always ready to explore the regions around them. In Mie Prefecture, the pearl farmers of Ago Bay have earned international renown for decades. Almost every suite and villa at the elegant resort offers an extensive view of the bay, where the pearl baskets spread out over the blue waters. Every year, the pearl divers of Ago Bay add millions to the local economy, and the oyster racks are clearly visible for miles around, beneath the windows of the luxurious villas of Amanemu. The resort will gladly charter fishing vessels into the bay, where you can watch divers, or perhaps use rod and reel to bring in your own catches for the chef at Amanemu to prepare for dinner. To the west of the resort, the mountain trails of the local forest are known collectively as the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Routes, and they serve as the gateways to the venerated Ise Jima shrines.

A Classic Sport for the Japanese Countryside

The elegance of Amanemu extends to the more modern relaxations of Nemu Golf course, located within walking distance of the resort and ringed about with forest and beautiful vistas of Ago Bay. Bespoke adventurers may wish to pair the tour of the links with a dinner that features the gourmet Wagyu beef of Japan, at Amanemu’s dining establishment, The Restaurant.

When paired with a visit to the Aman Tokyo, travellers can enjoy a complete urban and rural exploration of modern Japanese culture. There is no better way to experience the bespoken luxuries of the Japanese countryside than Amanemu.

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