AMANYANGYUN - Shanghai, China


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A cherished camphor forest sets the scene for Amanyangyun

Amanyangyun  is a luxury resort near downtown Shanghai. Amanyangyun combines traditional Chinese philosophy and architecture with a contemporary approach to customer service. This forest-inspired exclusive sanctuary offers accommodation in refurbished antique villas that date back to the era of Ming and Qing dynasties. Each of the villas has been meticulously restored with bamboo, stone and wood interiors.

The 24 Ming suites and 13 Antique villas provide peace and tranquillity that was once only dedicated to the emperors. The accommodation opens up to exquisite camphor forest that has been rescued from a site 700 kilometres from Shanghai. The soothing camphor fragrance early in the morning as a gentle breeze runs through the forest is sure to calm your senses.

Amanyangyun is a perfect place for a city escape where you can achieve serenity in the middle of beautiful gardens set against traditional Chinese architecture. However, you are always close to downtown Shanghai if you choose to explore the city or go shopping. This resort is one of the very few that offer such privacy and seclusion in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

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