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An Lam Saigon River

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Find tranquillity and grace on the shore of the Saigon River at the An Lam Saigon River

Lying quietly by a river of ever flowing tranquillity, the An Lam River Saigon resort welcomes travellers to a tropical paradise of lush greenery and sumptuous accommodations, all of them imbued with Asia’s unique, understated elegance. Tread wooden decks to a scenic waterfront, enjoy a glass of champagne on the glowing jetty at sundown, and discover the culinary extravaganzas of Vietnamese cuisine, all of this in the peaceful ambiance of An Lam Saigon River.

Tropical Comforts

At An Lam Saigon River you don’t have to worry about check-in papers, transportation, or refreshments because as soon as you step its threshold you are greeted by your own personal butler who will be at your service 24/7. A former private residence, An Lam River Saigon was built in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, creating a sense of wonder and enchantment with its crystalline pools and the airy, leafy fronds of its palm trees. Spread across seven serene garden villas, the hotel’s four suites and eleven rooms offer beautiful perspectives on the riverside from their balconies, terraces, and gardens brightened in the daylight by luxuriant bougainvillea and at night by hanging lanterns.

Set at a distance from the common areas, the two-story 260 m² Garden Pool Villa tempts you with a luxuriant private pool and some of the hotel’s most lavish furnishings, while the 300 m² Sunset Villa invites you to watch the spectacle of the sun dropping below the horizon from a comfortable easy chair, set on the deck just at the water’s edge. Unique staircases, circular sun beds, and beautifully understated decorations add an oriental charm to every villa, creating a sense of novelty which will not leave you anytime soon.

Spiritual Grounds

The riverside decks afford you moments of profound serenity which can easily turn into hours of peaceful relaxation on the many easy chairs readily available. The inner courtyards and gardens also create serene, intimate spaces where you can sit by your partner on comfortable rattan chairs or cushions and watch the cool breeze stir the swishing greenery all around you.

Vietnam has given the world many great spiritual teachers, and it goes without saying that yoga classes complement the hotel’s luxuriant gym and spa services. Three earthy, welcoming massage treatment rooms with premium services and invigorating personal steam bath also await you.

Savour Vietnam

The hotel’s Luc Binh Restaurant and Bar, on the waterfront, serves al fresco food and drinks all day, but to truly experience the culinary delights at An Lam Saigon River you’ll have to head over to the open-air Tram Dining Room, which serves a combination of authentic Vietnamese dishes and Western favourites in open-air atmosphere that combines the best of both words.

Discover rice-paper rolls and then relish in the pleasure of a passion fruit panna cotta with pistachios. Or you can arrange with your personal butler a romantic dinner on a secluded deck. In the distance, on the other side of the river, a Buddhist temple will gracefully complete the view.

Saigon’s vibrant city centre is 20 minutes away by speedboat, a journey down the river which is in itself an event, replete with charming sights and unexpected discoveries, to say nothing of the fresh breeze blowing through your hair. But you won’t want to leave it anytime soon – more than providing a peaceful and luxurious retreat, An Lam Saigon River can awaken your senses and your spirituality to the wonder of being alive.

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