Augustus Hotel Resort Forte Villa Agnelli

Augustus Hotel and Resort

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A unique neo-renaissance villa with tasteful luxury furnishings

This luxurious hotel takes one of the best places in Tuscany. It is situated between the Apuan Alps and the sea to provide an optimal microclimate for its visitors, regardless of the season.

What’s more, Augustus sports an exclusive heritage that’s hard to rival. The property was built in the early 1900s as a neo-Renaissance villa. Since that time, the hotel and the resort have been restyled several times. And a few prominent architects left a permanent mark that defines the Augustus charm to this day.

The resort consists of a few lavishly furnished villas which exude the unique Tuscan style and opulence. But if you want the cream of the crop, Villa Agnelli is the way to go. This temple of tasty luxury features carefully selected furnishings, spacious bedrooms, and a large living area. Plus, it opens up to a beautiful garden to give you a chance to unwind amidst the trees.

One hidden highlight makes Augustus special, all the more. There is an underground passageway that leads directly to the sea, so you can avoid the roads and the public altogether for some additional privacy.

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