Benguerra Island - Mozambique

Benguerra Island

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Benguerra Island

&Beyond is one of the world’s leading travel companies dedicated to your holiday experience. The Company designs personalized luxury safaris and bespoke tours across a number of African, Asian and South American countries. &Beyond has earned multiple awards over the years for its commitment to sustainability, conservation and community empowerment.

&Beyond began developing and sustaining wildlife sanctuaries across Africa in 1991. A pragmatic approach to understanding that International capital was required to fund their business model has ensured the success of the venture. Low impact, high yield tourism, combined with support for local communities has proven to be an economically viable business.

&Beyond partners with a number of companies and associations who help to provide guests with personal and business services in Africa and South Asia. From the WWF to travel groups and tour companies and on to business associations, &Beyond is a conduit to help you grow your business in the area.

The Benguerra Experience

Famous for its unspoiled white beaches, dive sites and fishing Benguerra Island is the second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago. The geography of the island is diverse with forests, savannah and wetland eco-systems as well as three freshwater lakes where crocodiles can be found. You can take a horseback ride or trek through the forest to discover the wonders of this island of contrasts.

The Lodge at Benguerra Island looks out to the Indian Ocean and you can swim right off the beach, no matter how high or low the tide. It’s set in a marine conservation area and as might be expected, teems with marine life, a gift for the avid diver and fisherman/woman.

You can go on a romantic castaway picnic or take a cruise on a traditional dhow or catamaran to explore the island and catch a glimpse of Africa’s only population of the rare and endangered dugong. You can also enjoy turtles, whales, dolphins and a variety of marine species. The weather is generally hot and sunny with little to no rainfall all year round.


Access to the island is by helicopter which allows you to view the wonderful ocean vista as you travel in. There are ten casinhas Villas, two cabanas and a three-bedroom Casa de Familia. The rooms are large and all have their own butler. The interior design is colonial in nature and transports you to another time.

Service is immaculate but not intrusive and you can ask for what you want to eat if it’s not on the menu and have your dinner on the beach if that’s what you want. The staff will even build you a campfire if you’d like to enjoy the outdoors a little longer.

There are private pools and a communal pool, a beach shop and dive centre and if you’re not feeling energetic you can enjoy a relaxing massage.

Luxurious, special, private and secluded – if these are the words that apply to your dream holiday you must visit Benguerra Island.

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