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Bom Bom Island Resort

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Bom Bom Island Resort is a true haven in Equatorial Africa

Bom Bom is a tiny islet off the north coast of Principe, a pristine island, a place of exceptional and rare beauty which will take guests on a captivating journey to the origins of Equatorial Africa.  The small resort extends across two gentle beaches and nestles between lush rainforest covered hills.

The unique retreat offers a cuisine of senses which delivers traditional flavours valuing the local produce and offering the freshest ingredients.  Activities include adventure expeditions and forest hikes for nature lovers, as well as cultural experiences such as visiting the Old Portuguese town of San Antonio, technically the smallest city in the world.  Try your hand at big game fishing in the deep seas of Príncipe.  Feel the adrenaline of catching a sail fish or a blue marlin with the emphasis on sustainability using the catch and release policy.  Visit the working plantations of cocoa, coffee and vanilla, all of which are farmed underneath the forest canopy to support the long-term rehabilitation of the rainforest.

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