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Camp Kuzuma

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Camp Kuzuma, the life of the Savannah lived in luxury

As the yellow grasses and baobab trees stretch out to the horizon and beyond, the savannahs form an ocean of open grazing land. The elephants of Africa have become the rulers of this hot and breezy prairie, and they stroll across its endless length with great dignity, passing close beside the tents of Camp Kuzuma as they move along. When you arrive at the Camp and enter your luxurious accommodations, you too can enjoy the majestic procession of these great animals from the comfort of the safari resort in northern Botswana. Your bespoke encounters with the beasts of Africa can be as distant or intimate as you wish, and the Camp will gladly arrange walking tours of the bush for their guests.

When you travel to the Kazuma National Forest of Botswana, close to the border of Zimbabwe in the northeastern corner of the country, you arrive at an important ecological corridor serving the elephants of the region. An enormous herd of about 200,000 elephants, spread out over two huge national parks in the two countries, floats back and forth along the Kazuma Pan, or dry riverbed, moving from one season’s area of fresh forest growth to the next. The activities of the elephant herd support the travels of wildebeest and antelope, which in turn support the local predators. Camp Kuzama is situated within sight of a favored watering hole of the elephants, and the guests of the resort usually will enjoy watching the great beasts moving through the area several times a day.

The Design of a Luxury Safari

Camp Kuzuma is composed of five tented suites, with an open-air pavilion in the centre, featuring all the luxury accommodations that any traveller could wish for. Ensuite bathrooms allow guests to relax in high-back Victorian tubs while the sounds of the wild savannah beasts echo through the night. During the day, the resort can arrange for game drive through the bush, or perhaps a day trip to nearby Victoria Falls, including a shopping trip to nearby Victoria Falls city.  Your bespoke experience of the African savannah can include night drives, when the predators are more active, or perhaps an exciting ride on the waters of the Chobe River, where crocs and hippos are numerous and feisty.

A Lavish Approach to Relaxation in the Savannah

When you return to the opulent tents of Camp Kumuza, you may wish to enjoy a long visit to the bespoken spa services offered by the resort, which combines classic Swedish techniques with Hot Stone and Iketla services. There is an extremely satisfying feeling when you can relax at the decked swimming pool that opens onto the grass trails, as you observe the gigantic elephants take their own baths in the nearby watering hole. The night can end with the fine dining providing the spicy flavors of African cuisine, along with excellent cocktails. Enjoy the next day of your visit with a sunrise tour and a brunch that includes French press coffee. Camp Kuzuma will offer the best in bespoke adventure to any traveller who has dreamed of African safaris. The great beasts of Africa await you, as they enjoy their own tours of the savannah.

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