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Entering a Great Hall of Hospitality in The Netherlands at the Conservatorium Hotel

Amsterdam is a newer city than most of the great capitals of Europe, rising to prominence only in the 17th and 18th centuries. Powered by the spice trade with the Dutch East Indies, the growth of the city was rapid and excitingly dizzy, and this is the time when the Conservatorium building was designed and constructed as the Rijkspostspaarbank, the Bank of the Realm, by Dutch architect Daniel Knuttel. After a century as a solemn bank, the Sweelinck Conservatorium musical institute took over the building and lightened the internal architecture with extensive remodeling. The current incarnation of the building as the elegant Conservatorium Hotel began in 2011, and now the hotel wears the stately and dignified décor of the grand facility with pride. A huge, eight story building (including below-ground floors), stretching for an entire city block, and large enough to host a shopping gallery filled with boutique stores, the estate offers its clientele some of the most deluxe and lavish accommodations in Europe. The Conservatorium occupies the heart of the Museumplein, a district dedicated to public education and entertainment, where the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Vondelpark green space, and the great concert hall, the Concertgebouw, all stand just a few blocks away. Located just southwest of downtown Amsterdam, the Conservatorium is a perfect locale for the bespoke exploration of one of the richest and most cultural landmarks in Europe.

Enjoying the Glamour of the Best Accommodations

As befits an estate of such size, the Conservatorium Hotel offers 129 rooms, suites, and penthouses to its guests. The original architecture of Knuttel was simple and functional, and when transformed into a hotel, designer Piero Lissoni took the spare look of the structure and introduced modern sleekness and warm lighting, with industrial touches of glass and metal. The atrium is a stunning open space with a ceiling that reaches to the skies, and several arching halls are equally impressive. The Hotel classifies its rooms as Guestrooms, Suites, and the penthouse level Signature Suites, which are suitable for visiting foreign dignitaries. Because of the building’s history as a musical institute, many of the spaces in the hotel have double height ceilings, and extraordinary square footage. Within the building, the Akasha Spa and Holistic Wellness Centre will welcome you to its seven treatment rooms, complete with sauna, pool, Hammam, and extensive gym. The Spa also offers guests studios for yoga, tai-chi, Pilates, and other healing programmes.

A Bespoken Journey Around the City and Countryside

With all of Amsterdam’s cultural treasures in walking distance of the Conservatorium, it will be easy to neglect the city’s great canals, and charming town center. The Hotel can easily arrange a private boating expedition to the northeast town center, and a long bespoke introduction to the wonderful sights and sounds of the Venice of the North. Amsterdam is the site of numerous festivals and markets, and the Conservatorium will gladly provide guidance to the most exciting events, either for families or for romance, along with several day tours that can bring clients to the cities of The Hague or Delft. After you have explored Amsterdam, a visit to the Hotel’s Taiko Restaurant will be in order. Chef Schilo Van Coevorden’s Asian inspired cuisine embraces such delicacies as Wagyu beef and Lozere lamb, and offers both an eight and ten course set menu. The Hotel also welcomes you the Tunes Bar, and the Brasserie and Lounge, where lighter fare can be enjoyed in the space of the atrium. Taken altogether, there is no finer bespoke exploration of Amsterdam that surpasses the offering of the Conservatorium of the Museumplein.

Conservatorium Hotel - The Netherlands - Grand Duplex SuiteConservatorium Hotel - The Netherlands - Restaurant

Conservatorium Hotel - The Netherlands -
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